WBD Monopolies, in conjunction with our sister company GNJ Investor Marketing LLC, is bringing a new era to investing. We invest in tax liens in two specific areas for two specific reasons. We invest in tax liens in the Baltimore, MD area to try to acquire properties. We invest in tax liens in the state of Florida to grow our money. After 12 years of investing in tax liens, we have decided that these two areas of investing work for us. We would like to extend that investment platform to our friends and customers.

We are offering a new way to invest in real estate. Most real estate courses want you to pay money up front for the investing and then leave you to your own devices. For the beginner investor, this is a very daunting experience. Our method of investing in advanced forms of real estate like tax liens will bring your investment portfolio to a new level. If you have never invested before, then I welcome you to try this method.

We are offering a low-cost consultation to an introduction to tax lien investing. Now some people may have heard of this method of investment, but most don’t understand it. There is a reason for that, it is pretty complicated!! In each county of each state, the rules and methods of investing can vary greatly. If it was easy, then everyone would be doing it. However, with the proper knowledge, there is no SAFER investment than tax liens in the country.

Here is the deal WBD is offering, we teach you how to invest in tax liens for a very low consultation fee. You give us your background and the amount you can start investing. (As low as $100). We will customize your investment strategy for your needs and the quicker you start, the happier you will be and the bigger your wallet. Now according to the SEC, I cannot tell you that this is a guaranteed interest rate, by law I have to say “secured by real estate”. However, this money is paid to you from the county government. That is pretty much a guarantee!

After speaking with one of our consultants, I challenge you to find a better and safer investment than this. You do not need prior real estate knowledge, partnering with us you already have that. All you need is an open mind and the curiosity to try something new.

There are two ways you can make money investing in tax liens, and both are GREAT!! One, you can invest in tax liens and make a great interest rate! This is our investment strategy in Florida. Or you can invest in tax liens to get property owned free and clear! This is our investment strategy in Baltimore. The best thing about this, you don’t need a lot of money, start with less than $100.

We won’t charge you a big amount of money to learn how to do this. We are looking to only get paid for our services when you have achieved success. If you invest in a tax lien recommended by us, and your tax lien gets redeemed (which means you made a high-interest rate of return). We are not partners in that deal, we are happy for your successful investment and you have finished your first tax lien deal. Once you see that it works, don’t stop, do it again and again and again.

If however, your tax lien is not redeemed and therefore you will gain ownership of the property, then we want to be partners with you. Our payment for teaching you how to invest in tax liens and owning property free and clear will be partial equity in ownership. We will not leave you now to struggle and figure out what to do next. We will advise you, sell this property for x amount of dollars or rent it out for monthly cash flow, or fix it up and sell it. Or perhaps you may want to live in the property. If you get land, how to land bank and turn the empty land into a cash flow. There are so many possibilities! With us being your partners we are there for you in every step of the way to make sure you don’t make mistakes.

WBD and GNJ are happy to announce this new endeavor into our real estate investment career and hope that you at least educate yourself about the possibilities that can come in the future via tax liens.

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