Investing: Past, Current and Future Trends

When it comes to investing, one’s thought process will go straight to the stock market, which is the traditional common way that many people are taught to believe.  The list below shows these common investment practices we typically know and embark upon because, let’s face it, these are the ways that we have been taught ….
  • Bank Products: banks and credit unions can provide a safe and convenient way to accumulate savings—and some banks offer services that can help you manage your money.
  • Investment Funds
  • Saving for College
  • Retirement
  • Options
Usually, we are often told about the traditional ways of investing as well as acquiring Real Estate.  Yes, let’s talk about Real Estate, in general, what do people think about it?  The following articles provide insight to this very train of thought.
What are people’s general ideas when it comes to investing
Customer Perception Regarding Investments
The Most Common Forms of Investments Among People

The money market and CDs are not offering a substantial ROR (rate of return) on the money you put into an account 

Frustrating as it may be, you are NOT seeing your money growing for the potential nest egg you are striving to build for a long period of time
As mentioned, many individuals look at investing the traditional way, which is taking out a mortgage to fund their extended investment. 
Since the economic meltdown that led to the Housing Crisis in 2008, it seems that as the market started to rebuild itself, there were more and more stipulations in place with increased down payments that many individuals struggle to meet, considering this led to the initial crash back then.  Predatory lending was rife, with little or no down payment and people were told to increase their salaries as much as three times just to be granted mortgages.  We all know unfortunately what happened to a lot of folks, going into foreclosure and losing their homes, the banks were torn apart by such greed. 


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