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“Greatness Never Judges”

Who We Are and What We Do

GNJ Investor Marketing offers marketing advisory services to Real Estate investors who seek to move away from traditional RE investing methods.  We explore advanced real estate investing strategies and implement creative deal structuring with notes and lease to own options. We also offer RE investment consultations and present possible partnership opportunities with clients who are looking to fortify their RE investment portfolio and build wealth at the same time. 
In Baltimore city for example, the interest rate is guaranteed by the local government of 18% per year or 1.5% per month.  This is advanced real estate investing and finding specific information about it is very hard.  Now, even though that may sound pretty amazing, that is one of the worst case scenarios for this type of investing.  The other part is to foreclose on your tax lien and own the property free and clear. If you don’t have disposable income and you have a 401k or IRA you can do this without any major penalties!!!
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